Application for the 47th Discussion Group Facilitators is Now Open! [UPDATED]


Outline of the Discussion Program and the Post-Program Session of SSEAYP

The Discussion Program intends to encourage Participating Youths (1) to deepen their understanding of the current situation of each field and motivate them to act actively in the respective fields; as well as (2-a) to promote mutual understanding; (2-b) to improve the PYs’ skills in exchanging views with other participants; (2-c) to enhance their abilities in presenting their ideas in public; (2-d) to strengthen the relationship among PYs from ASEAN member countries and Japan; and (2-e) to equip the PYs with practical knowledge and skills that are necessary for them to conduct post-program activities, through a free-flowing and active exchange of opinions.

The Post-Program Sessions aim to allow PYs to design possible activities to realize their ideas and launch them after participating in this program. Also, it is to deepen PYs’ understanding of the Alumni Association (AA) of respective countries and the SSEAYP International which is the solidarity body of the AAs.

Discussion Themes

Each theme states target groups of occupation. The occupation status could be current or future status. For anyone unsure of future occupation / profession, please choose the theme by the hope you would like to work for:

  1. Policy
  2. Diplomacy
  3. Education
  4. Global Company
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. ICT
  7. NGO (Non-Government Organization) / NPO (Non-Profit Organization)
  8. Environment and DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction)
  9. Infrastructure

Role of Facilitators

The Facilitators, who are well-informed and competent for facilitating discussions, shall be appointed to provide support for PYs in the Discussion Program and the Post-Program Sessions.

Facilitators should have ample knowledge and experience in the respective themes and the ability to facilitate discussions. As such, they are expected to provide the PYs with guidance and advice to carry out the Discussion Programs well as to utilize the results of the Discussion Program to the Post-Program Sessions.

For the details, please refer to the Guidelines for the Discussion Program and the Post-Program Session of SSEAYP.

Qualification of Facilitator

  • Good command of English to facilitate discussion (reference level: TOEIC 860, TOEFL(iBT) 100, TOEFL (CBT) 250, IELTS 7.0, or equal ability);
  • Basic knowledge and experience in the field of the theme in charge;
  • Able to work from November 1 to December 18, 2020, during the country program in Japan, onboard the ship as well as counties to be visited;
  • Able to attend the Facilitators Meeting held in Tokyo from July 14 to 17, 2020 (including arrival and departure dates);
  • Be sound in mind and body. 

Nomination Requirements

SSEAYP Discussion Facilitators from Indonesia will be nominated by SSEAYP International Indonesia (SII), for further interview by the Cabinet Office of Japan. When an applicant nominated by SII is successfully accepted as SSEAYP Discussion Facilitator, the successful applicant(s) need to:

  1. Update the result of Facilitators Meeting in Tokyo to SII, maximum 7 days after the event;
  2. Attend the activities related to Discussion Program during the Pre-Departure Training and Re-Entry of the Indonesian Delegates for SSEAYP 2019;
  3. Assist in the preparation of the Post-Program Activity of the Indonesian delegates for SSEAYP 2019;
  4. Actively involved in assisting the social contribution activities of SSEAYP International Indonesia.

Please refer to documents below for further details:

Guideline for the Discussion Program (PDF)
Guideline for the Discussion Program

Outline of the Selection of Facilitators (PDF)
Outline of the Selection of Facilitators

Application Form (Facilitator SSEAYP 2020) (DOC)
Application Form (Facilitator SSEAYP 2020)

Application Procedure

  1. Please submit your complete Application FormCurriculum Vitae, and your latest reference of English Competence via email at by April 22nd, 2020, no later than 23.59 Western Indonesia Time;
  2. SSEAYP International Indonesia Inc., forwards the Facilitators recommendation to the Government of Japan;
  3. Final Decision of Discussion Group Facilitators will be made by the Cabinet Office of Japan.

Selection Timeline:

4-22 April 2020Application Form Submission (no later than 23.59 Western Indonesia Time).
11 April 2020
09:00 WIB – 10:30 WIB
Introductory Program: [UPDATED]  
Webinar with former SSEAYP Discussion Facilitators to explore on how to be a Discussion Facilitators for SSEAYP.
Here is link for the Webinar
23-24 April 2020Administrative Selection.
25 April 2020Online Interview (conducted by SSEAYP International Indonesia Inc.).
27 April 2020Announcement of shortlisted Facilitators recommendation from Indonesia.
Around beginning of June 2020The Government of Japan determine the Facilitators based on the recommendations by the respective governments or Alumni Associations.
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