How to Apply

The selection process for the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) is carried out jointly with the International Youth Exchange Program (PPAN) by Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Indonesia.

The department that leads youth issues (the Department of Youth and Sports) holds the provincial selection process, supported by Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI) – PPAN (International Youth Exchange Program) alumni organizations in the respective province. Every year, the Ministry of Youth and Sports determines quota and gender allocations for each province. The selection period is March-May every year.

In general, to be eligible for the program, candidates for the SSEAYP program must be aged 20-30 years old and originate from the province indicated by their ID Card. The selection procedure and supporting documents are subject to the policies of each province.

More information about SSEAYP is available at the following link: Frequently Asked Questions, while registration in each province is accessible on the following page:

2Sumatera Utara@pcmisumut@pcmisumut
3Sumatera Barat@pcmisumbarPCMI Sumbar
4Bengkulu@pcmibengkuluPCMI Bengkulu@pcmibengkulu
6Kepulauan Riau@pcmikepriPCMI Kepri
8Sumatera Selatan@pcmi_sumselPCMI Sumsel@pcmisumsel
10Kepulauan Bangka Belitung@pcmibabelPCMI Bangka
11DKI Jakarta@pcmijakartaPCMI
12Jawa Barat@pcmijabarPCMI Jawa
13Banten@pcmibantenPCMI Banten@pcmibanten
14Jawa Tengah@pcmijatengPCMI Jawa Tengah@pcmijateng
15DI Yogyakarta@pcmijogjaPCMI
16Jawa Timur@pcmijatimPCMI
17Kalimantan Barat@pcmikalbar@pcmikalbar
18Kalimantan Tengah@pcmikaltengPCMI Kalimantan Tengah@pcmikalteng
19Kalimantan Selatan@pcmikalsel@pcmikalsel
20Kalimantan Timur@pcmikalitmPCMI Kalimantan Timur@PCMIKaltim
21Kalimantan Utara@pcmikaltaraPCMI Kaltara
22Bali@pcmibaliPCMI Bali@PCMIBali
23Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB)@pcmi_ntbaratPCMI
24Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)@pcmi_nttPCMI NTT
25Sulawesi Barat@PcmisulbarPCMI
26Sulawesi Utara@pcmisulutPCMI Sulut
27Sulawesi Tengah@pcmisulteng
28Sulawesi Selatan@pcmisulselPCMI Sulawesi Selatan@PCMI_SULSEL
29Sulawesi Tenggara@pcmisultraPCMI Sultra@pcmisultra
31Maluku@pcmimalukuPCMI Maluku@pcmimaluku
32Maluku Utara@pcmimalutPCMI Maluku Utara
33Papua Barat@pcmi.papuabaratPurna Caraka Muda Indonesia Papua Barat