To become a more independent and beneficial organization to fellow alumni, partners, the community and the government.


To make SSEAYP International Indonesia Inc. a dignified, advanced organization that represents the aspirations of its members. Take an active role in the community and be accommodating of dynamic changes. Uphold the spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding, and mutual respect.

Board of Management

2020 - 2022

Pia Adiprima


Pia is IPY 1997, OBSC 2004, and DG Facilitator 2011. She currently works as an Educator at Sekolah Cikal. She is a movie enthusiast; she also loves reading books and traveling.

Sylvanus Hardiyanto

Vice President 1

Ivan is IPY 2000, OBSC 2011, and National Leader 2019. He is a Freelance HR and Organization Advisor, Training Facilitator, and owner of a brand fmpedals; a handmade guitar and bass pedals. He loves reading and playing guitar.

Evan Ferdian

Vice President 2

Evan is IPY 2001-2002, DG (Discussion Group) Facilitator 2012, 2017, and 2018. He currently works as Government Officer for Bengkulu Province. He loves running and has been attended various running events.

Rendy H. P. Koesmadiredja


Rendy is IPY 2015. He currently works as Events Outreach Coordinator of American Chamber (AmCham) of Commerce in Indonesia; also as a Fashion Designer. He loves arts (sketching, singing, dancing) and traveling.

We are all voluntarily to be in SSEAYP Indonesia's Board of Management. This is our chance to learn more about many things for our personal development and our chance to payback to the our beloved country.

Novita Indah Nugraheni


Novita is IPY 2011 and OBSC 2019. She currently works as a Staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia. She loves dancing and reading.

We are supporting the government's program in youth empowerment to be creative, innovative, independent and developing entrepreneurship spirit.

Maylani Astaman

Director of Alumni Relations & Development

Lanie is IPY 1997 and OBSC 2017. She currently works as a Homeroom Teacher at Sekolah Cikal. She loves travelling, gardening, and watching movies.

We actively involves in strengthening the national character and Pancasila ideology to the youths in Indonesia, especially for Indonesian Participating Youth of SSEAYP.


Director of SSEAYP Projects

Piyan is IPY 2011 and OBSC 2018. He currently works as IT Consultant at TelkomSigma. He loves traveling and playing badminton.

Rahmad Hamdi

Director of Business Development

Hamdi is IPY 2011. He currently works as Chef and Marketing Manager at Peterseli Group. He really loves cooking and photography.

Arif W. Lase

Director of Social Contribution Activity

Arif is IPY 2016; the Assistant Youth Leader of Garuda 43 Contingent. He currently works as an Educator and Social Worker. He is able to communicate in Sign Language. Drawing and traveling are his hobby. Arif is also the alumni of YSEALI 2018 in Arizona State University.

Brian C. Chandraputra

Director of Media & Information

Brian is IPY 2017; the Coordinator of PMD and Sponsorship Team for Garuda 44 Contingent. He works as Property Consultant in Leads Property and as Vice Chairman of PCMI Jakarta. Football, chess, and photography are essential part of his life.

Let's Collaborate!

We are very open to collaborate with individual, community, institution, that shares the common vision as us. We have annual, regular and add-hoc activities that has nation-wide exposure as well as ASEAN-Japan coverage.