“The HoaxBuster Project” – IPY 2017


Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang – Starting December 2017, the Indonesian Participating Youth for SSEAYP 2017 – also known as Garuda 44 – has started their post-program activities on digital literacy titled The Hoaxbuster Project to fight hoax and fake news in the archipelago. To begin the campaign, they conducted these events in three cities in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.

Aiming to educate younger generation on the importance of media literacy, Garuda 44 shared the steps in identifying fake news through fun and creative way, most notably via a giant snake-and-ladder (ular tangga) game interaction.

They also created the Anti-Hoax Declaration with the junior high school students to show their commitments in identifying the facts prior to sharing the information through social media.

Similar projects will be organised in another twenty cities and provinces in Indonesia. You can also participate in this project by following their social media account on Instagram: The Hoaxbuster Project or filling out their survey here: Survey – The Hoaxbuster Project.  

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