SIGA Bandung 2018: ASEAN-Japan Professionals to Discuss Art, Heritage and Youthpreneurship


BANDUNG – More than 200 professionals from various fields met in Bandung last Friday to Sunday, 20-22 April 2018. They are expected to join SSEAYP International General Assembly (SIGA) Bandung 2018, an annual meeting of the SSEAYP stakeholders from the government representatives, alumna, foster families, admin staffs and associates from different program. This will be the 30th meeting, as the last was conducted in Ilo-Ilo and Boracay, the Philippines last year.

Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah, Deputy Minister for Youth Empowerment expressed that “Bandung was chosen as the host city of SIGA 2018 due to its notable commitment in youth participation. You can see many young entrepreneurs and creative industry established in the city. Apart of that, Bandung has a remarkable history as the venue of the Asian-African Conference in 1955,  host of the very first Forum for East Asia-Latin Cooperation (FEALAC) in 2015, and the nominee of youth capital of the Organisation Islamic Conference in 2016. These has shown the image of Bandung as one of the prominent cities in the world.”

During SIGA Bandung 2018, the participants will discuss topics on art, heritage and youthpreneurship. They will also celebrate the International Earth Day by doing social contribution activities in Colorful Cibunut Village, exploring the city through Bandung Heritage Walk, doing workshop with young entrepreneurs and making and performing angklung at the Farewell Ceremony.

Vice Minister of Policy Coordination of Japan, Mr. Noriyuki Koda; Director for International Youth Exchange of Japan, Ms. Kaori Nakamura; President of SSEAYP International Indonesia (SII), Ms. Pia Adiprima; Head of Assembly of SII, Dr. Rino Wicaksono; and representatives of Japan and ASEAN embassies in Indonesia were also present during the event.

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SIGA Bandung main theme 'The Spirit of Art, Heritage, and Youthpreneurship' is presented through panel discussion with notable speakers in their respective field: 1. Robby Murphy from Saung Angklung Udjo for Art theme 2. Aji Bimarsono from Bandung Heritage for Heritage theme 3. Yukka Harlanda from Brodo Footwear for Youthpreneurship theme. . The panelist gave plenary session prior to group discussion where participants divided into three groups according to their preference. . The main question to three groups discussion is how art, heritage, and youthpreneurship contribute to happier society. . The participants indulge themselves in a sharing and discussion session with fun and friendly atmosphere. . There are also interactive games in between which made the participants who comes from different age range, backgrounds, and nationality to get to know each other and get close throughout the program. . #SIGAdventureBandung #SIGABandung2018 #SIGA #sseayp

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On the second day of #SIGABandung2018 the participants experienced the youthpreneurship workshop since Bandung is well known for its creative industry center in Indonesia, more importantly the industry is mostly powered by youth. As follow up activity from theme 'Youthpreneurship' #SIGA brings out the best representative of it namely: 1. Clothing production: @batikkomar 2. Crafting: 3. Leather products: 4. Coffee processing: @morningglorycoffee 5. Creative food: @bakerstbakery . the participants got the chance to meet with the man behind the business in a sharing session and product knowledge, and they also got the chance to have first hand experience in making the products. . The workshop ought to encourage the participants to learn about youthpreneurship and its impact to society development. even better, after the workshop the participants might be inspired to be a youthpreneur themselves. . #SIGABandung2018 #SIGA2018 #SIGAdventureBandung

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Halo, again with #takemeback to #SIGABandung2018. . After Youthpreneurship theme, follow up activity for Heritage theme is Bandung Historical Walk. . Participants are brought to explore heritage sides of Bandung through guided walking tour around Bandung city. The excitements to look back at Bandung when it was a capital during colonialism era and being the heart of Asia Africa Conference made participants happily exploring the city. . Participants are having fun exploring Titik Nol Bandung, Hotel Preanger, Hotel Savoy Homann, Museum KAA, Alun-Alun Bandung, Pendopo Kota Bandung, Galeri Seni Lukis, Braga Permai, Denishc Bank, Sungai Cikapundung, Jiwasraya and other spots while doing fun activities such as games and missions. . #SIGAdventureBandung #SIGA2018

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