“Indonesia SIAP” – IPY 2012



SIAP in Indonesian language means READY and we used SIAP as well to stand for SSEAYP for Indonesia in Action and Preservation. This is our Post Program Activity after joining the precious youth exchange program called SSEAYP. SSEAYP itself stand for The Ship for South East Asia Youth Program, as there stated ‘Ship’ , yes the 28 of us are on the big fancy ship cruising the South East Asia with the others selected youth across ASEAN countries which we called ourselves as Participating Youth (PY).

What we DO?

After fifty-three days of joining the program, the 28 of us has to give back the goodness of these program given by contributing to our society and environment. Trust me, we have so much brainstorming ideas that could blow an island, ups! no worries, we finally decided on our Post Program Activity which is in short term and a long term basis project . The short term-project has been done upon our re-entry program and you can check it here and now we are on the long-term concern project of ; Promoting the Batik of Kulon Progo – Jogjakarta.

WHY Batik?

Batik is Indonesia’s identity and recognized by UNESCO as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Batik making process is less harmful to the environment than the conventional cloth coloring.

WHY Kulon Progo ?

Kulon Progo is the Batik producer region also as the poorest district in Jogjakarta, nearly 24% of the population is considered poor. The Batik producers have limited markets to rely on the sustainability of the business.

If  you are interested to be our partnership of our Batik selling program, please do contact us for more details and procedure at indonesiasiap39@gmail.com


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