4 Delegates of Indonesia – SSEAYP Conference for Considering Its Role & Significance


SSEAYP Future Youth Leaders Conference 2021
SSEAYP Conference for Considering Its Role & Significance

SSEAYP Indonesia Alumni ??
Dini Puspita Hapsari (IPY 2016) @dinipuspita_h
Brian Christian Chandraputra (IPY 2017) @brianchofficial
Fadila Rahma Nur Ristianti (IPY 2018) @siapayafad
Gabelly Sharmila (IPY 2018) @gesharmila

“How SSEAYP has contributed to foster friendship between Japan & ASEAN member countries? How the program could contribute to the friendship and youth development in the future?”

Congratulations to Dini, Brian, Fad, and Mila! Let’s prepare this together and we wish you all the best for the conference in January to February 2021.

SSEAYP Internationals:

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