SSEAYP On Stage : The Anti Hoax Movement


As the largest youth exchange program in ASEAN and Japan, SSEAYP has transformed into an impactful program where participating youth are encouraged to find solutions for their country’s common issues.

With the rise of fake news and stories, the damage that hoaxes can cause to social cohesion in the country is worrying. Therefore, the returning Indonesian participating youths for SSEAYP 2017 initiated a hoax buster programme to raise awareness about media literacy.

SSEAYP International Indonesia, together with Jakarta Marketing Week and Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia (MAFINDO), showed how to differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to news and social media in SSEAYP on Stage: The Anti Hoax Movement.

Anindya Kusuma Putri, SSEAYP alumni and Miss Universe Indonesia 2015 shared her experience as the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Youth & Sport of Indonesia. This include providing clear and factual information related to youths and sports affairs to the media. Meanwhile Anita Wahid, Executive Director of the Wahid Institute and Advisor to MAFINDO (the Indonesian Anti-Slander Society/Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia) highlighted the importance to verify the facts from news before sharing it to the wider community.

To find out more about the Hoaxbuster Project, please see below the links to SSEAYP International Indonesia and the Hoaxbuster Project’s Instagram account.

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