SIAGA – Inclusive Space Workshop | Solo


SOLO – To broaden perspectives towards inclusivity and experience on public space in Solo, Risye Dwiyani (IPY 2004) organised Inclusive Space Workshop – aiming to facilitate opportunities for youths from different backgrounds and abilities in order to understand, collaborate, and contribute in enhancing social inclusion awareness.

With diverse backgrounds from architects and urban planners, government officials, academia, university students, entrepreneurs, journalists, NGOs and youth organizations; and including three types of disabilities (vision, hearing, physical), almost 40 participants learned about inclusivity and experienced the public spaces in Solo through discussions, role-playing, lectures and field visits.

As a follow-up, six participants/observers/organizer shared lessons learned from this activity and provide feedback to Solo Government’s Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning to their current and next year’s development plan to ensure that disability-inclusion is mainstreamed.

SIAGA is a series of social contribution activities of SSEAYP International Indonesia. Led by #SSEAYP alumni, ten social projects will be implemented across the archipelago from Manokwari, Papua to Bengkulu, Sumatra. To find out more about SIAGA, follow their stories through #SSEAYPSIAGA

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