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“Remember Me Project” – IPY 2018



In the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) report related to the release of a global scale that illustrates the analysis of prevalence, incidence, the impact of costs, and the trend of dementia over the past year has shown significant numbers. In this note, ADI highlights the lack of dementia research in Indonesia. While quoting from the Central Statistics Agency, there are as many as 4.07 million Senior Citizens in Indonesia who suffer from dementia. Indonesia is also listed as ten countries with the highest rates of dementia in the world. But in fact, dementia disease that commonly attacks the elderly with age 65 years and above has not received any treatments. Many people underestimate senility and other symptoms of degenerative diseases that Senior Citizens suffered. This is due to a decrease in motor function in the body, which decreases performance in the elderly. This symptom cannot be taken lightly. Instead, the elderly must get the right treatment. Unfortunately, the general society’s perception is that dementia and its symptoms are normal. It’s highly important for a dementia patient to be assisted in their daily activity.

On the other hand, the demographic bonus that occurs in Indonesia is an opportunity to deal with this problem of dementia. The number of productive circles can be a solution to spread out the information and thus creating a comprehensive awareness and understanding of people with dementia, starting from the surrounding environment and then spread the information out more massively.
Therefore, it is crucial to involve youth, more specifically productive age (15-25 years) to become information agents as well as increasing understanding while preventing themselves from the same problems experienced by Senior Citizens. Based on the background above, the Indonesian Contingent (Garuda 45) for the Ship for the Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program proposed social contribution activities (Post Program Activity / Go and Grow Program) under the name “Remember Me Project.”

Objective of RememberMe Project

The objective of this project is to provide an understanding of the importance of preventive action of dementia from the earliest period, starting with healthy lifestyles and consequently will improve the quality of life. Hopefully, this activity will also increase public understanding of the healthy lifestyle habit and raising awareness for the people around us, especially people with dementia.


  1. Increase awareness and understanding of the younger generation about dementia through the dissemination of knowledge, seminars, workshops, and interactive games (board games).
  2. Collaboration with related communities / schools to promote campaigns about dementia and a culture of healthy living to the wider community.