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Maylani Astaman


Lanie is IPY 1997 and Indonesian OBSC (On Board Ship Conference) for SSEAYP 2017. She currently works as a Homeroom Teacher at Sekolah Cikal. She loves traveling, gardening, and watching movies.

Arief Rizky Bakhtiar

Team Member

Abe is IPY 2010, part of the 37th SSEAYP. He is currently a Master of Public Policy Candidate in Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - National University of Singapore.

Sushanty Chandradewi

Team Member

Susan is IPY 1991; part of the 18th SSEAYP. Her current activities is librarianship. Her hobbies are watching various movies, dancing traditional dances, and making art crafts.

Rillya Fransisca Rawis

Team Member

Rillya is IPY 2001; a delegation from North Sulawesi Province, part of the 28th SSEAYP.

Nugroho Joko Lestariyo

Team Member

Nugroho is IPY 2001; a delegation from East Java Province, part of the 28th SSEAYP.

Nia Amanda

Team Member

Nia is the new associate of SII Inc. for 2020-2022 period.

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