The 76th Council of Presidents Meeting (03 Dec 2020)


The 76th Council of Presidents Meeting (03 December 2020)
Cabinet Office of Japan – Center for International Youth Exchange & SSEAYP International Secretariat

Representative (President & Observers) of Alumni Association – SSEAYP International:
Brunei @sseayp.intl.brunei
Cambodia @sseaypcpy
Indonesia @sseaypindonesia
Japan @sseaypjapan
Laos @sseayplao
Malaysia @sseaypinternationalmalaysia
Myanmar @sseaypmyanmar
Thailand @sseayp.thailand
Vietnam @sseayp.vietnam

The 76th CoP Meeting was conducted via Zoom as virtual platform due to the current situation. We discussed about plan on SIGA (SSEAYP Internationals General Assembly), the next edition of SSEAYP News, the upcoming SSEAYP Conference, and several social contribution activities such as SIAGA by SSEAYP Indonesia.

@sseaypinternational @asean @japan
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