About Us

SSEAYP International Indonesia, Inc. (SII) is the Indonesian alumni association of the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP), aiming to promote the spirit of mutual respect and mutual cooperation between ASEAN and Japan communities.

Founded on 15 September 1987 in Semarang, SSEAYP International Indonesia Inc. is registered as a legal entity under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights no AHU-126.AH.01.06. Year 2008.

For its long support towards promoting the value of mutual understanding between Japan and ASEAN communities, SSEAYP International Indonesia Inc. was awarded the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation in 2011.

Executive Board 2017-2019

President : Pia Adiprima – 1997

1st Deputy President : Sylvanus Hardiyanto – 2000 (SSEAYP Project; Organization and People Development; Entrepreneurship)

2nd Deputy President : Arief Rizky Bakhtiar – 2010 (Social Contribution Activities; Communication and Information; Alumni Affairs)


  1. SSEAYP Project Yunita Purwaningyas – 2011
  2. Organization and People Development Novita Indah Nugraheni – 2011
  3. Entrepreneurship – Esti Eka Susanti – 2006
  4. Social Contribution Activities – Raden Icu Surtini Mawarti – 2012
  5. Communication and Information – Malinda Budi Wiranti – 2012
  6. Alumni Affairs Maylani Astaman – 1997

Secretary             : Rendy Harsono Pranata Koesmadiredja – 2015

Treasurer             : Gilang Lestari Mokodompit – 2006